Integrative Cancer Solutions with Dr. Karlfeldt

From Denial To Survival with T.J. Hills

Episode Summary

Today on Integrative Cancer Solutions I am joined by T.J. Hills. T.J. is a Breast Cancer Survivor, Former CEO of Estrogen Gene Test, Author "My Estrogen Breast Cancer Treatment Diary: Improving Estrogen Health". Board Member of the Better Estrogen Foundation. She has appeared on National TV, radio outlets across the country and major medical conferences. She has spent 30 plus years advising the largest Institutional Investors and Hedge Funds. Listen in as T.J. tells her story about her road to survival!

Episode Notes

Cancer is probably one of the most dreadful words in the dictionary. Yet almost 50 % of us have been or will be faced with the diagnosis. Suddenly you are faced with sifting through a mountain of information to figure out how to survive this dreadful disease for the sake of yourself, your children and grandchildren. Many have decided against the orthodox treatment as the only option, because you’ve seen friends and family members who contracted cancer and followed their doctor’s recommendations, only to die within a year or two suffering the devastating effects of chemo and supposedly pinpointed radiation.
Integrative Cancer Solutions was created to instill hope and empowerment. Other people have been where you are right now and have already done the research for you. Listen to their stories and journeys and apply what they learned to achieve similar outcomes as they have, cancer remission and an even more fullness of life than before the diagnosis. Guests will discuss what therapies, supplements, and practitioners they relied on to beat cancer. Once diagnosed, time is of the essence. This podcast will dramatically reduce your learning curve as you search for your own solution to cancer. For more information about products and services discussed in this podcast, please visit To learn more about the cutting-edge integrative cancer therapies Dr. Karlfeldt offer at his center, please visit